Featherweight Manual Wheelchair

The Featherweight Wheelchair, at just 13.5 lbs, is acclaimed as the world’s lightest wheelchair, setting a new benchmark for lightweight mobility. This exceptional chair not only eases the process of transportation due to its minimal weight but also ensures user comfort with seat and back cushions.

Key Features

Folded Wheelchair


Easy Travel Wheelchair

Carry Handles

Featherweight Wheelchair

Easy to Push

Featherweight Wheelchair

Push to Lock Brakes

This lightweight wheelchair features optional pop-off wheels for convenient storage, enhancing its portability. Perfect for those seeking ease of mobility and storage, it represents a significant advancement in wheelchair technology.

    Optional Accessories

  • Carry Bag
  • Flag

From the Manufacturer

Featherweight Manual Wheelchair Specifications

Max. Weight Capacity
Product Weight
13.5lbs | 19lbs (w/wheels)
Seat Dimensions
18″ x 16″
1800 Wheelchair

About the Manufacturer

1800Wheelchair Logo
1800Wheelchair is a medical supply company that specializes in mobility equipment. They have been selling wheelchairs for over 20 years and have a large selection of different products in stock.

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